Revive Convention 2021







Juan Murillos

Juan Murillo serves as the District Youth Director of the Midwest Latin District. He is passionate about serving and equipping the next generation of youth and young adult leaders.  



Christian Chambliss



Christian Alcala

Christian serves as a Sectional Youth Director for the East Bay Section of the Central Pacific Ministry Network. He is also a part of the youth ministry and worship team at Iglesia El Golgotha A/G (Richmond, CA). Christian is from a Latino family (Half Puerto Rican/Mexican) and is an LABI College Graduate. He has always been passionate about music and in his terms “has been singing since he came out of the womb.”

Why do you love to lead worship? “I enjoy what I do because it’s all for God. I believe He heals and moves through praise and worship. We were created to worship and to give God all the high praise.” - Christian Alcala





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